Independent Professional 

Electronic Design, Engineering and Consulting
Audio/Video, Control & Communications, FPGA and LED

Independent Professionals 
Also known as micro-businesses, describes those people who are neither employers nor employees but are businesses in their own account. Independent Professionals work across a wide breadth of industries, delivering a flexible, knowledge based service to their clients in both the private and public sectors.
“The current economic situation is crying out for innovation. In every marketplace, independent professionals are constantly stimulating ideas and those implementing them. If Europe is really going to ’think small first’, what better way is there to encourage creativity than by supporting independent professionals?” John Niland, EFIP.

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Welcome to GMeProjects


At GMeProjects we offer our expertise in a proven and flexible concept to

companies that want to take the next step towards innovation and product


Thus allowing companies to focus on their strengths and competences while still

being able to follow the latest trends in technology.






  10+ years Expertise in analog/digital design and sales

  • FPGA design
  • VHDL coding and debug
  • Microcontroller integration
  • LED integration, PLC, Digital Audio, Video
  • ASM, C, Java
  • PC and embedded software